Zine 003 Fashion Environment Change

graphic design editorial content

Content for an A-Z zine with Fashion Revolution, an organisation that aims to educate the impact of fashion on the climate. 

Continual Use 

Mad About Doin’ Magazine

A poem by @cloewoey and illustration by @sofia_froud in Issue 03

Key4Life x D&AD submisison

What to Expect

Research  Illustration

Most people don’t like being told what to do.

With the pressure of changing our lifestyles to avoid our climate crisis, I researched future mapping and came to a conclusion perhaps a more effective way to create change is not telling people what to do, but explaining what will happen if we don’t make these changes?

The information is from research of the year 2050

Dyslexia Awareness

Campaign  Digital 

Creative campaign that gives  an insight and an experience of what it can be like to read with dyslexia. You can’t empathise or really understand until you experience it yourself right?